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Is It Christian To Dance On Sunday?

Jesus is the answerWill the government force churches to pay taxes? Should women be preachers? How do we fix child abuse? Do you have to be baptized to be saved? Can you believe in abortion and still be a Christian? Should a man or woman who commits adultery be tossed out of the church?

Debates about contentious issues rear their ugly heads among church folk. Opinions swirl. Necks stiffen. Backs arch. Friendships dissolve.

Debaters hang on one or two scriptures to defend their misguided beliefs.

Satan confused me as I studied a passage of scripture recently. I shared my thinking in our weekly Bible study. In a loving, non-judgmental way, several guys pointed me to Scripture that helped me clarify my thinking and discover God’s Truth about my particular issue.

Is it right to dance on Sunday? I don’t know. Here’s what I DO know. God’s word has the right answer to all life’s questions and concerns.

The answer is Jesus. No matter the question. The answer is Jesus. No matter what denomination. The answer is Jesus. Jesus is the answer to every question, every conflict, every disagreement, every debate, every blessing, every need, Every hurt, every pain and every sorrow. Period. If you call yourself a Christian and don’t know whether to dance on Sunday or not, go to Jesus. In Him you will find your answer.

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