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Are We A Christian Nation Really?

Many religion groups got real upset when the Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage across the land.

Personally, I don’t understand why religious folks are surprised that the world keeps acting like the world. The Supreme Court based their decision on their interpretation of the law, as written in the U.S. Constitution. Man-made law.

I’m sure the judges didn’t sit in chambers and flip back and forth between Romans 1 or Corinthians 13 and the Constitution to help them decide.

I know some folks might argue, “The Founding Fathers who wrote the Constitution were strong Christians.” Or “We’re a Christian nation.”

However polling groups such as PewResearch and Gallop. PewResearch claims, “The Christian share of the U.S. population is declining, while the number of U.S. adults who do not identify with any organized religion is growing”

I’ve never put much stock in the “Christian” label anyway. “Christianity” is so fragmented now it’s hard to tell who believes what? You can define “Christian” several dozen ways. I don’t think any of them define “The Church” bride

I don’t refer to myself as a Christian. I am an authentic, committed disciple of Jesus Christ. I am a member of the body of Christ with all my committed brothers and sisters in Christ. THAT, in my opinion, defines THE Church. The Bride of Christ, best described, I believe, in Acts 2.

Instead of wrangling over social issues in the world, we ought to be The Church. We ought to act like The Church. We ought to consider others needs more important than our own like The Church. We ought to share the love of Christ like The Church. We need to develop servant hears like The Church.  We ought to share the Gospel like The Church.

We need, in my opinion, to accept that the world is going to act like the world. And, in my opinion, we need to act more like The Church.

9 thoughts on “Are We A Christian Nation Really?

  1. Agree! The world keeps acting like the world and highlights God’s Word told to us in 2 Cor 4:4. The world is blinded by the deceiver and destroyer. Instead of wringing our hands, finding fault, complaining and throwing our money toward candidates or causes that we think will turn our nation toward God (How’s that working for you?), we need to be about the business of changing hearts. Of course, that will only come as a result introducing people to Jesus. We just need to follow in the footsteps of our Lord by fulfilling The Great Commitment – PRAYER (1 Tim 2:1-4); The Great Commandment – CARE (Matt 22:39); The Great Commission – SHARE (Matt 28:19-20). JUST DO IT!


  2. It is not “the Church” that we need to “act more like”. It is Jesus whom we should seek to model and to glorify to the world. And the representatives of God for doing this in the world are no longer a nation, even one like Israel, or even an organization like “the Church”, but God’s representatives in the world are Spirit filled “witnesses” and “servants” whose lives are “temples” of redeemed human fleshly bodies that have been transformed in order to reflect God’s glory in Jesus the “Christ”.

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    1. Bob, thanks you for writing. Exactly my point, Bob, in different words. When I say THE Church, (capital C) I’m referring to, as you say, “God’s representatives in the world are Spirit filled “witnesses” and “servants” whose lives are “temples”. Acting like Jesus. Not the religions and denominations. Thanks again. Great thoughts.


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