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What Do We Do Now?

Gay Marriage is here to stay. According to a recent Gallop poll,the decision by thelove one another Supreme Court reflects a dramatic shift in public opinion since 1996 when 68% of those polled opposed it and only 27% supported it. Just last week Gallop’s poll indicated 60% approved it and only 37% opposed it.To me the shift indicates an erosion of the church’s influence. The country is growing more permissive and apathetic to the things happening around it. Rather than reaching out to share the love of Jesus, it seems to me the church is retreating. Holing up in the safety of their sanctuaries and familiar faces. Or lashing out in anger and condemnation.

How can the church adjust to this new normal in our society? How are we to act?

My blogging friend Karen Woodall had some interesting thoughts on the subject in a recent post on her Switchbacks blog.  I thought I’d share a portion of her thoughts with you. She sounds spot on to me.

“As Christians wrestle with what it means to practically “speak the truth in love” (Eph 4:15) to those who may wish to cover their ears and block out our message, we must resist the urge to retreat in fear (or worse, indifference), to lash out in anger, or pour out condemnation, realizing that these options will do little to bring restoration to hearts that need it the most. Instead, we, who are the church, must dedicate ourselves to “stand firm” (Eph 6:13-14) as Paul commanded and take Christ’s instruction seriously.

Click here to read Karen’s entire blog post.

2 thoughts on “What Do We Do Now?

  1. “Stay calm and love one another” is the right message! The church in America needs to realize that our government is not the church, neither is our culture. She is not dependent on where our either one goes. And where it’s darkest the light shines the brightest. Jesus told us to point the finger at ourselves and leave the rest to Him. When the church looks like Jesus, and treats sinners like Jesus treated them, she will be attractive again to those lost in the dark world she’s been placed in. Blessings.

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