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Civil Disobedience? I Don’t Think So.

whatI think Pat Buchanan is nuts. The radically conservative political commentator suggested the “political right” should consider civil disobedience in response to Supreme Court rulings that entrenched ObamaCare and made gay marriage legal in all states.  His remarks appeared in a recent article on the “powerfully conservative” Human Events website.

He gave a lengthy, and sometimes inaccurate, account of past civil disobedience. “In the civil rights era,” Mr. Buchanan suggested, “defying laws mandating segregation and ignoring court orders banning demonstrations became badges of honor.”

I responded to Mr. Buchanan’s article this way? What do YOU think?

CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER TODAY. Your knowledge of history, Mr. Buchanan, is impressive. You mentioned several historic instances when civil disobedience was but a single factor in a lengthy movement. Civil disobedience did not pass the Civil Rights Act in 1964. God moved in the hearts and minds of many people over a period of years. It was in His will and purpose alone that allowed the Civil Rights of African Americans to become law. By the way, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Not Birmingham.

Jesus does not condone civil disobedience. You may cite Him kicking the money changers from the temple as civil disobedience. That was not civil defiance. That was God invoking His wrath on those who would desecrate His House of Prayer. Or you may want to cite the apostles’ rebelling against Roman and Jewish laws. Their INTENT was to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not to change laws.

We tried civil disobedience railing against abortion in the seventies. It did not work. And we’ve already protested, and filed suits and marched and waved hate signs against gay marriage. That didn’t work either. If you think disobedience will change our laws today in this post-Christian age, Mr. Buchanan, I believe you’re wrong.

Defying man’s laws gets folks arrested or fined and sometimes jailed. Jesus commanded that we love Him and love one another. Civil disobedience flies in the face of Almighty God. It’s just another example of man thinking he can manage things better than God.

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