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Missionary To Cannibals

A.W. Milne was a missionary to cannibals.Milne

In the 19th century Milne joined a group of men known as “One Way Missionaries.”

Milne embarked on the mission but didn’t take a suitcase. He packed all his worldly belongings in a coffin. Milne and the other one-way-missionaries bought one-way tickets to their destinations, but no return ticket. They fully expected to spend the rest of their lives on mission and die on the mission field.¹

Milne spent decades loving on cannibals in a tribe in the New Hebrides in the South Pacific. He journeyed to their village knowing the cannibals had murdered every other missionary who went there.

When Milne died, the cannibals buried Milne in his coffin in the middle of their village. On his grave the cannibals wrote this epitaph:

When he came, there was no light.
When he left, there was no darkness.

¹Source: All In small group Bible study by Mark Batterson

4 thoughts on “Missionary To Cannibals

  1. It is good to hear from Roger Revell. I’ve always held his Christian denomination in high regard for what they achieve in the mission field, and their sincerity in doing so.

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  2. A minister friend of mine grew up in a Christian denomination that practiced “positive speech” in honor of God’s gifts. His parents were the first missionaries that group sent to an area that supposedly had canibals. At the going away reception someone asked my friend’s father if he was scared. “Not at all,” he replied. “We go to meet people of uncertain good will.”

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