Eat To Live, God

Why did I ever . . . ?

238 poundsI’m in the middle of a goal to lose 57 pounds.. It’s a new way of eating based on Daniel’s diet (Daniel 1:12 — raw fruits and veggies).

As I lose more weight (20 pounds in 34 days so far) I ask myself, “Why did I ever let myself go like this and gain all this weight?” I tell myself, “You were happier at 185, and better off. You felt good and had so much more energy and enthusiasm were tireless. You accomplished so much more then.”

Don’t we think the same thing about God sometimes? I remember times I felt His presence and His embrace. I was so close to Him I could reach out and touch Him. When we’ve experienced the love and intimacy of His fellowship, why do we ever allow ourselves to drift and fall away? To let go of that tenderness and unconditional love and grace? There’s no more blessed feeling in the world than that intimacy with God.

Yet, time after time, we (at least I) turn away. We (I) climb back on the throne and try my best to rule and reign as if I were in charge. As if I knew better than God. When we’ve been to the mountain top basking in God’s grace and love and presence, why do we allow ourselves to backslide into the valley of the slime and quagmire of self?

5 thoughts on “Why did I ever . . . ?

  1. It is not that “we allow ourselves to backslide”. Such a situation in our lives is due to the fact that the devil is constantly seeking to pull us “back” or down and we fail to put on the “armor” that God has provided for us so that He can help us to move forward and upward in our lives.

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  2. Congratulations on losing the 20! Keep after it, my friend. Oh yes, and hop on a bicycle using a good bike trail. Cycling is easy on the joints and puts the cardiovascular to work to nourish your bod and help fight off diseases. Your post reminded me of “The End of me” by Kyle Idleman. Youversion has a free 7 day to help find the end of myself. 🙂 Let’s do it together.

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