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White Flags

white flagI’ve been thinking about white flags lately. The ones we hold up when we quit. I recall two white flags I held up at critical stages in my life.

The first was when I walked away from God’s call on my life to become a minister. I was 17 and at church camp on the campus of Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa. After a worship service I met with five pastors and all of them confirmed my call. When I got home I became a substitute pastor in our Methodist conference and spent the next year testing the waters. The world’s call was stronger than God’s to me then and I slipped into a dark place I would spend decades crawling out of.

The second was when I gave up on a marriage. Walked away. Full of pride and a “life’s gotta be better than this” attitude. Hurt two families and plunged me back into that dark, self-centered “what’s in it for me” place.

I could easily play that “what if” game but I choose not to. God rescued me from that dark place on August 8, 2000 when He showed me my true identity in Christ. Since that day I haven’t thrown up any more white flags. God has shown me over the years what perseverance means and how to persevere.

And He’s restored what the locusts took away. I’m happily married now to the love of my life. We have four wonderful grown kids and two adorable granddaughters. He’s also created this blog ministry for me. Though I’m not behind a pulpit on Sundays I am studying His word, listening to His instructions and allowing Him to write His heart through my words (He gave me the gift of writing too).

Is life perfect for us? Absolutely not. We face a boat load of ongoing, family and personal challenges every day.

At least I won’t be tossing up any more white flags.

4 thoughts on “White Flags

  1. The one “white flag” that anyone needs to raise is the one that signals his or her “surrender” to God and His loving will and victorious power in his or her life. That marks the end of his or her sinful “rebellion” against God.

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    1. Amen. That’s the right kind of surrender, isn’t it. BTW I’ve finished day 3 and starting on day 4 tomorrow. When should we get together?


      1. I don’t understand your “BTW” note. When have we mentioned getting together? I’m not sure what you have in mind regarding this matter. I don’t know of any way for us to share except by email. Please clarify this matter for me. Bob

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