When Knowing And Living Out Of My True Identity In Christ Became My Life

How often have we heard someone say something like, “I’m trying to be a good Christian.”

Self Is A Four-Letter Word

When someone uses the word “try” that means that the focus is on “self”. identity in ChristAnd that is a bad thing. No brokenness on the horizon when self’s on the landscape.

Self tries to live the Christian life. Self does Christian work. Self likes to volunteer in the food pantry. Self likes to sing in the choir, and teach Bible study

Self likes to be in charge. Self gets envious and irritable and arrogant.  Self thinks it knows best. Self gets envious and resentful and critical. Self worries. Self gets full of self. Self stands up for her rights.

Self is such a failure.

No wonder we need breaking. As long as self is in control God can do little in us or through us. I can remember real prayers when I was in distress or my circumstances were choking me. I’d pray, “Lord, I’m (and I’d give God a laundry list of good deeds).

I spent several decades thinking my good deeds got me in good standing with God and my sins incurred his anger and disappointment in me. I was back and forth, up and down, in God’s good graces, then out of them again when I disobeyed.

Everything changed for me in August 11, 2000, the day I learned my true identity was in Christ. Knowing and living out of my true identity in Christ became my life, and has been since.

If you’d like to read my memory of that monumental day in my life and walk with Jesus follow this link.

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