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Have A Missions-Minded Monday

greetingA mission trip can be an exciting, life-changing experience. One special joy for me on mission trips is the way the locals flock to the team members. They’ve been told of our coming and are excited to see us. They greet us with big smiles and warm hugs.  They see the love of Jesus in us and it attracts them like a magnet.

There’s something about your countenance, your smile, your eagerness to meet them that draws them to you. The children especially want to hug you and touch you and be near you. It’s as if they can sense the love of Jesus coming through you and they want to experience that love for themselves.

Driving home from church yesterday I wondered what it would be like if I greeted everyone I saw Monday as if I were greeting them on a mission trip? When I shake their hand, will they feel the warmth of Jesus and my sincerity? Could I smile at everyone so the love of Jesus touches them? Could I greet everyone with enthusiasm and brighten their day? When I walk on will they remember our encounter with a smile on their faces? I’m going to try it.

What about that forlorn checkout clerk having a bad day? What about that snobby co-worker in the next cube? Or that neighbor who doesn’t know a kind word? Or that upset client you must call today? Or the telemarketer who calls in the middle of supper?

Here’s a suggestion. Have a missions-minded day. Greet everyone with the love of Jesus showing all over you. Respond today so people you meet walk away feeling good because you engaged them.

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