Revival Photo Intriguing

This photo from my “The Mountain Gospel” post on For His Glory yesterday intrigued me for several reasons. Scroll below the photo and see what you think.


revival familyThis looks like a whole family sitting on the front row. Looks to me like they got all dressed up in their Sunday-go-to-meetin’ best for the tent meeting. Dad’s even holding the toddler in his lap. Notice they’re all sitting on cold, hard metal chairs and probably will endure them for the whole evening. No nursery. No youth group. Just family. Gee, what a novel concept!

revival micThat doesn’t look like a sophisticated sound system to me. Do you think they had speakers on the tent walls for the folks sitting in the back? I know they didn’t have huge multi-screen monitors on the walls behind the evangelist either.

revival suits and ties

Look closely. Most of the men I could see wore suits and ties.Those weren’t sun dresses the ladies were wearing either. Keep in mind  Summer was the primary season for tent revivals.

revival far from the speaker

How in the world could those folks in the back of the tent hear anything? Yet, they filled up the tent and were probably happy just to get a seat.

The revival crowds in the 1930’s and 40’s put church audiences today to shame. These photos beg a few questions we might want to consider.

  1. When is the last time, guys, you wore a suit and tie to church?
  2. Ladies, when’s the last time you dressed in your Sunday best to go to Sunday service?
  3. When’s the last time you can remember sitting in a cold metal chair throughout an entire service (much less hours at a revival)?
  4. When’s the last time your teenagers sat with you in church?
  5. When’s the last time you can remember one of your small children sitting in your lap through an entire service without fidgeting, crying, complaining out loud or running up the aisle?

4 thoughts on “Revival Photo Intriguing

  1. Steve, the last time I was at tent meeting was when I was in high school,my family were members of the Assembly of God church in Shen. My mother still attending church there at 91 and still going strong my folks new your mom. And dad, and yes I do dress up for church on Sunday’s it may not be like it use to be but I am presentable ha!! Nancy (Stoddard) Walter.

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    1. Nancy, go heartwarming to hear from you. Grateful your mom is still going strong. It’s been 10 years now since mom and dad died withing two weeks of each other in March, 2005. It’s wonderful that you still get dressed up for church. Lots of folks in our church still dress up. I really like the way the women folks in our church dress up. It looks good. I just don’t like getting dressed up for anything any more. Do you remember Thelma Horning shaking the daylights out of me in 8th grade when I told you a shady story and then asked her if it weren’t my business what kind of jokes we tell? I’ll never forget that day. She told me later I was the first person in her teaching career thus far that she ever had to shake. Dubious distinction, don’t you think. Great to hear from you, Nancy. Thanks for reading and for your enjoyable comments. God bless.


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