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The Wrong Shoes

wrong shoesWhen I was heaviest, it was difficult to bend over to tie my shoes.  Tennis shoes, shorts and tee shirts are my standard Summer wardrobe. I struggled so much I bought some penny loafers so I wouldn’t have to tie my shoes. I could just slip them on.

Of course they were the wrong shoes.
I looked like a total nerd in my penny loafers, white socks and shorts.

We can be on the right road in life and wear the wrong shoes as well. Paul teaches us in Ephesians 6 that our feet should be shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. If we’re walking through life wearing the wrong shoes, we won’t be able to navigate through the pitfalls.

Our road will be littered with the debris of war, like an unexpected bill, an accident, sudden illness, financial woes, job loss, a wayward child and so on. If we have the peace of God in our hearts, we can stand firm against the trials and persecution the world throws in our path. We will be prepared to take the peace of God with us in any situation and bring peace to every room, meeting, confrontation, family problem, job interview and more.

With God’s peace in our hearts we will be prepared to meet any challenge, face any trial, stand against any persecution with calm assurance.

What shoes are you wearing today?

4 thoughts on “The Wrong Shoes

  1. That was great! Loved your analogy. Just a note in Ephesians 6: Before “having shod your feet in preparation…” (vs. 15), I love verse 14 introduction: “Stand therefore [hold your ground]…” Wouldn’t it be terrible to be STANDING in a briar patch…barefooted?

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    1. Thank you, worddetective. Amen
      to verse 14 as well. Standing firm, as you say, “hold your ground”. We have to if we want to do battle with the enemy. God bless.


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