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I think there’s a secret government agency somewhere whose job it is to confuse us and make simple things complex. Take the new word I learned this week: disambiguation.
I can hear the exchange between committee members now.

Leonard: What about the word “clarity”?
Beatrice: I’ve never liked that word.
Randolph: Me neither. It’s too . . . too . . . clangy. . .too clipped.
Beatrice: What’s the opposite of clarity?
Randolph: Ambiguity.
Leonard: What about anti-ambiguous-ness.
Beatrice: That’s too ambiguous.
Randolph: how about “dis”? It’s like “anti”. And we don’t need that “ness” at the end.
Beatrice: You mean “disambiguous”?
Leonard: I like that, Beatrice. It has a nice sing-songy complexity to it.
Randolph: I like it too.
Beatrice: I’ll call the folks over at Websters.

I’m guilty sometimes of making the Bible  complex. I tend to over-analyze God’s word and read it like a biblical scholar or a theology professor.
Jesus said,

Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. Matthew 19:14

 Children dependent on adults to guide them and provide godly examples for children tochildlike faith follow. They are creative and curious to a fault. Jesus provides us with the perfect guidance and godly example. He does not speak theologeze. His words and His instructions are very clear and easy to understand —  disambiguous if you will. Hard to follow and obey sometimes, but abundantly clear.

I wish I could be more like a child in my relationship to Jesus. With a child-like, totally trusting disambiguous faith.

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