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How long has it been since you wondered? How long has it been since you stopped running and marveled at something in God’s creation?

My granddaughters marveled at the wonder of a caterpillar this week when we were inwonder the park. They were fascinated as the soon-to-be butterfly inched it’s way across the sidewalk.

Watching them marvel at the wonder of that caterpillar made me realize it’s been too long since I wondered at the marvel of God’s creation.

I stopped off at a park near church today and spent a little time observingbutterfly all the shrubs and flowers and leaves. As I wondered, I was privy to some butterfly chores as they flitted from blossom to blossom. It dawned on me that the butterflies I was watching with wonder used to be caterpillars like my granddaughters watched.

When I left the park I felt serene. I was completely relaxed in the middle of a very hectic day. That’s what the wonder of God’s creation will do for us.

I’ve decided I want to make time each day, even if just a few minutes, to wonder at the marvel of God’s creation.

How about you?

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