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God At Work

God at work1

In the middle of a vicious thunder storm a few days ago, lightening struck and totally destroyed this home. It belonged to a precious family we knew from church who live just down the street. Two adults and seven children. No one was home or harmed. Lightening struck about 1 a.m. The lightening struck in the master bedroom on the second floor, where mom and dad and a baby were sleeping. If they had been home all three may have died. The family lost all their valuable possessions and now must start their family life over again.

God was at work

Here’s the amazing part. The family fell on hard times earlier this year and they were facing foreclosure. As the day drew near the family removed all their valuable possessions and some furniture and moved in with his parents next door.

They cleared out all they could carry Thursday. Friday sheriff’s deputies came and handed them their eviction notice. Saturday the lightening struck.

Mom told me she could see God’s hand in it all. “He got us all out of the house,” she said. “No one was hurt. And we have closure on a traumatic, emotionally devastating season of our lives.

What’s next for the family? God only knows. Literally. But each day they are putting everything in God’s hands and trusting Him for the outcome.

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