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God Says Some Things Just Aren’t A Big Deal

dogmaToo many people make way too much out of things that probably don’t matter that much to God, in my opinion. Their stringent adherence to customs and rituals has its roots in religion. Too many people get hung up with their actions and their looks, so they can’t see, or don’t look for, the heart.

For instance, do you think it matters to God if . . .

  • we immerse rather than sprinkle?
  • you eat wafers or bread crumbs at communion?
  • we drink wine or grape juice?
  • you own a home or live in a grass hut in Tanzania?
  • you wear cutoff jeans or a tuxedo to church?
  • you read the King James or the Message version of the Bible?
  • you’re a preacher or a part time handyman?
  • you own a chain of restaurants or have to beg for food on the streets?
  • you’re divorced or you’ve been married for fifty years?
  • you’re a deacon or a prostitute?

God is our father. He can NOT not love any or all of the children He created.

I think God wants us to know Him and discover the unconditional and gracious love He showers on all His children. I believe God wants us to know that all those things many of us think are big deals are actually little insignificant things to God.

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