Where Were You When The Planes Struck?

911I can remember the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. A Friday. I was a junior in High School. It was one of those days we never forget. Like 9/11.

I was at work on that September 11. It was a crystal clear, crisp September morning. Not a cloud in the sky. Our company made set top boxes for cable TV providers. I worked in quality control testing the boxes to make sure they worked. All of us had TV’s in our offices.

I was returning from a meeting and one of my co-workers asked me, “Do you know anybody in New York City?”  I told him I didn’t as I entered his cube and saw the horror on his TV screen. We watched as the second plane crashed into the twin tower.

We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. All work in the office ceased. Everyone gathered around TV sets throughout the building. We stayed glued to TV sets throughout the weekend. They suspended TV commercials for the first time in my memory. Airlines grounded planes. Life stopped.

Two days later our church was full to overflowing. Everyone wanted answers?

There is only one. Trust in God Almighty for all the answers to every question, every dilemma, every tragedy, every hurt, every setback, every pain, every trauma.

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