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A Simple Song With A Powerful Promise

My high school graduating class is hosting our 50th class reunion in a few weeks (Shenandoah Iowa, class of 1965). Pressing family matters wprevent me from attending.wes

One of my classmates, who won’t be able to attend the reunion either, wrote a message to those who will. Wes Smith is a retired Church of the Nazarene pastor living now in Virginia. What Wes wrote touched my heart, so I thought I’d share his message with you, and the simple, yet powerful children’s song he refers to.

What a strange world in which we live!  My perception is that so much of what our forefathers/mothers fought and died for and which we have enjoyed is in rather serious jeopardy.  Hey, I promise not to give you an entire sermon here, but it just seems to me that the further we drift from our historic anchor points the thinner the ice (mixed metaphors, I know!).  The anchor point for me has been, and is, God!  Strange things are happening all around us.  Some good advice…hold to God’s unchanging hand!  You can still take this to the bank, “Jesus loves me/us, this I know!  Little ones to Him belong.  We are weak but He is strong!”

Amen, Wes. Amen, classmates. Amen, y’all.

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