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How God Saw Me

God showed me His grace Saturday in a wonderful way.

I was thinking about a particularly sinful day I had years ago. I didn’t recall it with regret or shame. This many years later, it was just an event. A paragraph out of my life. God saw it. I repented of it. God forgot it.

What God showed me is what else He saw that day. I was in the impact norcross boy 2throws of my back-slidden behavior. At the same time, on that same day, God saw me Saturday when I was with a mission team from our church. We were ministering to 60 precious children in an apartment complex across town where English, for the most part, is a second language.

He saw me doing the hokey pokey. He saw me playing with kids on impact norcross girl 2one of those inflatable bouncy houses.¬† He saw me drawing chalk on the sidewalks. He saw me help little children put together cross craft necklaces they took home. He saw me running and playing and acting like a kid. He saw me tear up as I watched those precious children being blessed by our team. Their smiles and laughter and impact norcross girl 1happiness warmed my heart. When He saw me having fun, being blessed and showing children God’s love, He smiled. So did I.

Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Luke¬†18:16

And God saw my Saturday on that very day years ago when I was far from Him. Yet He was as close to me as my next breath. I don’t know how God will see me tomorrow. But I know He will, and all my days to come. He’s already been there.

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