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Licking The Bowl

licking the bowlWhen I was growing up my mom made the best fudge in town. It was always smooth and creamy. Every time she made fudge she left a little in the pan for my brother and I. We scraped every drop from the pan till it sparkled. It was a highlight of our childhood when mom made fudge.

When I looked at this picture today of Sam and I scooping out every morsel of fudge in the pan, it reminded me of times I’ve been hungry for God and His Word. When I read Isaiah, for instance, I want to get every principle, every word, every blessing I can scavenge from His word. I want God to show me the truth He wants me to learn. I want to know as much as I can about God and His will for my life.

If God put His Gospel in a bowl, I’d lick it clean.

Am I always that hungry for God? No. But the times when I’ve been hungry and thirsty for Him, I’ve pursued Him with reckless abandon. And that time is the sweetest, most memorable fellowship with God that I can have. I wish I was that hungry and thirsty all the time.

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