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Jesus Shattered The Lie Of Religion

By Sparrow Girl
Blogger at Under the Waterfall of Grace

He came to shatter the lie of religion and He did it by His loving act on the cross,Jesus calling us innocents when we aimed our worst behavior at Him, calling us beloved and bringing us with Him into a new kind of living where the illusion of religion doesn’t exist, only love.

Reality is what He brought our confused minds into!  We had been mentally living in illusions and He woke us up to reality – we are loved, we are innocents, we are God’s children, we are part of Love Himself and Christ is in us, in us, IN us!

We are Spirit, not flesh!

There’s eternity in our hearts, always has been, always will be!

We are IN Him, and therefore safe, always have been, always will be!

We are good little children of God, good and not bad, for God ‘made man just’ not unjust!

We are vindicated, proven to be in the right, exonerated, proved innocent, proven to be beloved of the Father Himself, His very own children, with His Life coursing through us, with His very Being as our core, His own Spirit as our spirit, the Tree of Life within us, within us!

We take one bite of that delicious Spirit within us and we just LIVE that life that has always been us, we just ARE the people we always have been, we just EXUDE the God-life that’s always been in us, as us..

This is Eternal Life, just to know and experience Him within, where He’s always been, as the deepest part of us, an infinite sea of Love that has always been at our core!

To swim in that sea of Love and Life and BEing and Grace..
To float in those liquid arms of Love, to be buoyed up by that current of Grace..
To just BE is so rich and wild and free because to BE, to LIVE is Christ, and to die is simply to gain infinitely more experience of that which is already true within – we are alive in Him, and He is alive in us..
This is the true life, life eternal, rich and and boundless and free!

3 thoughts on “Jesus Shattered The Lie Of Religion

  1. I beg to disagree. He has not ALWAYS BEEN IN ME. I quote, “This is Eternal Life, just to know and experience Him within, where He’s always been,” This is “new age” at its best.
    Why did Paul struggle as a believer in Romans 7? Because he was enticed by his flesh not to choose the leading of the Spirit. He was both, not as she says,” We are Spirit, not flesh!”
    I am praying that she comes to the knowledge of the truth found in the Scriptures, not in our emotions which can deceive us. Walk in the Word enlightened by the Spirit. His Spirit does not disagree with His Word.


    1. hoosierdags,
      Sparrow (blogger at “Under The Waterfall of Grace” is having difficulty moderating comments from her computer. She asked me if I would help her out. I re-published this post of her’s on my blog as I sometimes do. First, and foremost, I have been reading and sharing Sparrow’s posts for several years. She is one of the best bloggers I know. I know she loves Jesus and believes and shares the truth of the Gospel with a heart filled with love for Jesus, the love of Jesus and compassion for people. She knows some readers disagree with her and she accepts that. I can understand how these statements — “There’s eternity in our hearts, always has been, always will be!” and “We are IN Him, and therefore safe, always have been, always will be!” — might cause confusion for you. I must agree with Sparrow that eternity has always been in our hearts. I believe God created all His children to live forever, either with Him for eternity in paradise, or separated from Him for eternity.
      And I believe Sparrow meant that SINCE the moment Jesus came into our hearts, we are safe, always have been safe, always will be safe because we are in Him.
      I believe if you read the rest of her post you’d agree that she offers some solid Biblical truth about our true identity in Christ. I encourage you to visit her blog, http://underthewaterfallofgrace.blogspot.com/, If you did, I believe you would discover Sparrow is as far removed from “New Age” as one can be.
      Sparrow and I share a common passion for discovering our true identity in Christ and blogging to help others discover their true identity in Christ as well. On Sparrow’s behalf, thank you for your comments. I believe we should pray that God will reveal His universal truth to us in ways that will bring glory and honor to Him and Him alone.
      Thanks again, hoosierdags, for your continued support on FHG. God bless.


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