We Need Gun Control, Reader Says

EDITOR’S NOTE: Here’s one reader’s comments about the “Blood And Guns” post Monday from the other side of the debate. If you’d like to join the fray, I encourage you to comment. We select pro and con comments to publish as posts on FHG.

Sorry, but I’m opposed to your viewpoint on this one. What if one of your beloved grandchildren had been senselessly killed by a gunman. People cry out that owning a gun is our right according to the Second Amendment. Well, tragically that right is being abused by far too many crackpots so we all have to lose our privilege. Guns small enough to be concealed need to be registered with scrutinizing background checks on those who attempt to buy. It won’t stop the carnage, but it will curtail it. Something must be done NOW.
It isn’t fair, but sometimes the whole class gets detention caused by one guilty perpetrator. I agree gun control won’t stop the carnage, but I disagree that it won’t curtail it.

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