Eat To Live

I Did It

I did it  On July 1, 2015 I weighed 238 pounds. Today, November 11, 2015 I weigh 185 pounds.

These factors contributed to my success:

  • Exercise
  • Eating healthy
  • Perseverance
  • Hounding kids and granddaughters


According to Runkeeper, my exercise app on my phone, I walked or hiked 76 times. I covered 199 miles. That’s an average of 2.6 miles a day. For the past week or so I’ve been walking/hiking at least 4 miles a day. One crazy day, I hiked 5.6 miles.

Eating Healthy

A friend at church gave me Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book, Eat to Live. It changed my entire185 perspective on food, nutrition and health. I discovered three things about myself while reading the book and following Fuhrman’s plan. First, I can live without dairy, meat, processed sugar, pasta and coffee. Second, I can create filling, nutrient-rich stuff to eat without sacrificing taste. Third, after I started eating healthy, several lingering cardio and urology-related issues vanished.

This week I had the best doctor checkup I’ve had in years. When he asked me how I lost 53 pounds I told him about Eat to Live. He said he’s seen 8-9 overweight patients that he’s recommended the book to. After I told his nurse my story, she went on line to get it too.


During my regimen a special verse kept coming to mind:

Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. James 1:4

I’ve rarely been persistent with anything. I can truthfully say God has shown me the value and rewards of persistence during my journey back to health. God has shown me what it takes to persevere and I will surely benefit from my experience. I believe now I’ll be better equipped to deal with future challenges and trials since God has shown me the path of persistence.

Hounding Kids And Granddaughters

Last Spring both my kids hounded me about losing weight. They reminded me of my heart issues and shared the litany of standard reasons why I should lose weight and take better care of myself.

My granddaughters (six and three) thought it was cute to pat my stomach and say, “You’ve got a fat belly, Granddaddy.” When you feel those pokes and hear that child-like admonition, it doesn’t take long to decide to do something.

Now I embrace Dr. Fuhrman’s maintenance plan. It means I can eat 90 percent nutrient-rich foods, like I have been doing. The other 10 percent I’ll have to waste on cheater days. That doesn’t mean I’m going to pig out on unhealthy food (cheeseburgers, chocolate and pasta). I can’t even eat that stuff anymore. It doesn’t appeal to me. I’ve sampled some and it upsets my stomach now.

I am over-the-top excited about the future of my health. I feel better than I’ve felt in 15 years and I plan to stay healthy and 185 pounds till Jesus takes me home.

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