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Consider this for Paris . . .

parisThis week in Paris parents and spouses and friends will be burying loved ones killed in the senseless terrorist attacks in that city last Friday. By most accounts Paris is not known as a Christian city. The “City of Lights” in fact, is better known for its debauchery. All things considered Paris is more god-less than God-ly.

Consider how godless people there will mourn. What will the funerals be like for those who have lived without knowing Jesus? Without Jesus in their hearts? What will they say? How will they be comforted? How will they mourn? I can’t imagine the waves of despair and hopelessness they most assuredly will feel.

I can’t imagine saying good bye to a loved one without Christ. No matter how painful our trials, or discouraging our circumstances, we can always come to Jesus. Even if we walk away, even if we backslide for a season, God is always there for us. Loving us, comforting us in our most despairing times. Even in the midst of our tragedies He is there, waiting with open arms to meet our every need, shower us with His grace and mercy, and love us through anything we might face. He will NEVER leave us or forsake us.

Will you join me to pray for all those who are grieving now in Paris? If anything good comes out of this tragedy, maybe the people in Paris will discover their need for a Savior and find Him. He’s been there all the time.

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