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Is God Your Lord Or Your Landlord?

showWhen I went to college I rented an apartment with a classmate. We paid our rent every month to our landlord. She provided our shelter and we paid for the privilege of living in the apartment. When something needed fixing, we called  the landlord and she came, or sent someone, to fix what was broken.

Is our relationship with God like a landlord/renter sometimes? My relationship with God was like that for years. I didn’t pay God much attention. Oh, I sang in the church choir and I volunteered here and there. When I needed something or my life got messed up, I’d go to God and ask Him to fix whatever was broken. I had a real entitlement mindset.

I was singing for His glory and giving a few dollars here and there. I volunteered and helped people out when I could.

“It’s me, I’m being good here, God. I’m doing what I think I should. I pray and behave. I’m paying my rent here. And I’ve got these problems I need you to fix for me.”

It wasn’t until August, 2000 that God began showing me what He wanted our relationship to be. God wanted to be my Lord, not my landlord. He showed me how much He loved me and things He wanted to do for me as my Lord.

If I’d let Him.

He’s still showing me. He’s still loving me. He’s teaching me His ways and showing me His paths.  And today I’m so grateful that I don’t rent from God anymore.

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