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A Season For Sadness, Loneliness, Depression

lonely at ChristmasMy cousin in California put up her Christmas tree this week. She’s ushering in the Christmas season early at her house. Many folks look forward to this Christmas season with joy and anticipation of a festive few weeks with family and friends.

But for many, the Christmas season brings only isolation, loneliness, depression or sadness. Many of them will wear masks and pretend all’s well. Many will hole up in lonely places of isolation. We could spend a lengthy blog post on the reasons. But I’d rather encourage us all to remember these folks for which Christmas is not merry.

Will you join me this Christmas season and be extra vigilant to look for opportunities to share the love of Jesus with the less fortunate or the sad and lonely? We don’t have to pick them out ourselves. Let’s ask God to reveal them to us. He will, you know.

As we celebrate with our own family and friends, let’s remember folks who don’t have families or friends and will spend Christmas alone. Let’s remember the men and women in the military serving on foreign soil and missing their home and families. Let’s remember missionaries and their families who’ll be serving in the field far from their home and loved ones.

Let’s commit to bring a little joy and happiness to someone who needs a little joy and happiness this Christmas season.

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