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What’s A Christian To Do?

trustNobody doubts today that the world has evolved into a cesspool of violence, bigotry, hatred and terror. Has fear replaced faith? Do we no longer have faith in a God who has any real power? Any true control? Do we imagine God as powerless who’s job now is just to keep heaven neat and tidy until we get there?

Let’s get honest. What do we do when we’re not sure whether God can or will come through? Don’t we start crusading to police the world to help God do what He can’t do on his own?

Lean not on your own understanding

Do we believe Jesus saves souls but gets freaked out by a Muslim prayer breakfast or a school’s policy on prayer or selling aborted  baby parts?

Do we freak out at those things?

Do we worry about terrorists invading our homes and killing our families? I have a few church friends who sleep with loaded pistols under their pillows and shotguns at the ready. If terrorists do come in they’re prepared to take a few out. Is that the answer?

To be genuinely honest, I don’t know the answers to most of these questions. At times I’ve caught myself relying on an eloquent, motivating pastor or his messages to energize me. Sometimes I’ve allowed a good Christian book about the Bible to shape my thinking or answer probing questions like those I have posed.

I like what Karen Woodall over at Switchbacks.org said in her post, “Commissioned: Teaching”,

Unfortunately, most (including too many Christians) go through life interpreting the reliability and trustworthiness of the messages that come to them based on nothing more concrete than the advice of their peers or on their own judgment. When we start our reasoning process from that standpoint, we’ll easily bend to the influence of the world and constantly find our decisions far afield of God’s perspective. The only thing that solidifies our position is when it rests on a foundation of God’s unchanging principles.

When I taught an adult Bible Study I often told my class, “Do not believe anything I say. After you listen to the lesson go home and ask God to help you discover His Truth from your Bible. Find out what God says. He’s the authority. He’s the Righteous One. He is truth.

I do know THIS ONE THING: God wants us to trust Him and Him alone.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
 in all your ways submit to him,
 and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6 NIV

In these days God wants us to lean on Him for all our answers to everything, including our questions and concerns and doubts and fears about the dangerous, terror-breeding, godless planet where we live.

2 thoughts on “What’s A Christian To Do?

  1. Trust in the Lord and continue to do exactly what he has called you to do, and do it for his glory irregardless of the cost to you. There are no political solutions to the problems that we face in this world, so don’t put any of your trust in them.

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