No Copyright Limits Here

copyrightI read blog posts now and again displaying copyright protection statements and copyright logos on their blogs.

You won’t see any copyright icons or statements on For His Glory. None of my writing is copyrighted. You are welcome to copy part or all of anything I write and use it however you want. You can even compile a bunch of my posts into a book, claim the writing as your own, and sell it and make millions of dollars.

I sometimes quote other bloggers in my posts. When I do, I often include a short bio, a photo, and a link back to their blog. I’d appreciate it, and they probably would too, if you’d give the author I quote credit and link back to their blog.

Here’s my thinking. God gives me the words I write. He gives me thoughts, words and Scripture references to share. I write them and publish them in my posts. The words I use are HIS, not mine. I don’t own them, nor do I claim any right to call them mine. In fact, I would be honored if other bloggers disseminated my stuff, whether they call it mine or theirs.

My entire motive for writing is to help readers know, understand, believe and live out of their true identity in Christ (from my mission statement). The more people who read the words God gives me to write, the more people will hear God’s message of unconditional love and acceptance.

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