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Banned Words For 2016

bannedCollege language students at Lake Superior State University in Michigan have too much time on their hands this time of year. They have composed a list of 12 words that, according to them, should be banned from our vocabularies in 2016.

In no particular order the words they seek to ban are: So, Conversation, Break the Internet (actually a phrase not a word) Giving me life, Manspreading (big men taking up too much room on public transportation. That’s okay, I didn’t know it either). Secret sauce, Price pointWalk it back (restating what you said to make it sound more palatable than when you first said it–politicians love this one) Problematic, Vape (smoking e- cigarettes) Stakeholder, and Physicality.

I have no clue how they arrived at the words this University recommended banning. I guess this is what kids go to college for these days.

I’ve got a list of words too. Here’s a dozen words or forms of these words I’m going to recommend we use as much as we can in 2016. I have two college degrees and was a writer for a living. That qualifies me to create this list.  Here goes . . .

  1. Forgive
  2. Serve
  3. Surrender
  4. Pray
  5. Give
  6. Love
  7. Persist
  8. Endure
  9. Share
  10. Trust
  11. Obey
  12. Hope

Happy New Year to you all. May your use of the words on my list bless you and keep you and enrich your life and love with our Savior Christ Jesus.

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