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Making Music From Trash

junkyard fluteCATEURA PARAGUAY — This small Paraguay town literally rose out of a garbage dump. Hundreds of towns people survive here by rummaging through the landfill every day for recyclable materials they sell in nearby Asuncion.

Several years ago Favio Chavez wanted to teach music to the children of the town. But they had no instruments. One violin cost more than a local worker’s year’s wages. A few towns people decided to make instruments with materials from the landfill. In time the town had enough instruments made of trash to start an orchestra and play beautiful music.

the group’s popularity catapulted them into the public eye and the demand for their performances took off. Today, they perform across South America, Europe,  the United States and Canada. The group was also the subject of a full-length documentary film, “Landfill Harmonic“.

Doesn’t God do that with us? Can’t He take our shattered, broken, trash heap lives and make beautiful music with them? Our trash will become His treasure if we allow Him to conduct us, to lead us and teach us what beautiful music can rise up from our lives we consider trash?

2 thoughts on “Making Music From Trash

  1. He did so and is continuing to do so through you. Thanks Steven. I was reminded of the large cuckoo clock we have in our dining room. My dad found it at the dump in northern Michigan some 80 years ago. He had some weights made at the school where he worked and it has been keeping time ever since. That’s my life as well. Jesus picked me up out of the sewer and filth of my own doing and set my feet on solid ground.(Psalm 40:2)

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