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I’m NOT okay; You’re NOT okay

broken 1One of the biggest selling books in the 1970’s was Thomas Harris’s exposition of what he called transactional analysis. I’m OK–You’re OK sold over 70 million copies. Thomas explained in his book that we all have three observable egos: the adult, the parent and the child.

“At some stage early in our lives,” Thomas said, “we adopt a ‘position’ about ourselves and others that determines how we feel about everything we do. Most of us are living out the NOT OK feelings of a defenseless child, dependent on OK others (parents) for stroking and caring.”

But we’re NOT OK. We’re broken.

All of us, at some point, experience brokenness to different degrees. To compensate for not being OK, I disguised my brokenness, my NOT OK self, so others would think I was OK. I became slow to admit my faults but quick to find faults in others.

Jesus had to allow me to arrive at an excruciating brokenness. It was only in this dank, powerless hole that I admitted I was broken. I had to admit Jesus was my only way to healing. As long as I remained OK and in control, I knew I’d stay broken and miserable. Jesus was not going to make me OK. He was going to sanctify me on my way to becoming His righteousness and His freedom in Christ.

Am I OK now? No.  I’m a precious child of God, He’s my Father, Savior and Lord. He breaks me when I need breaking. And He shows me His way back to intimacy with Him and wholeness again.

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