Two Wonderful Posts This Week!

karenI’m always eager to feature outstanding posts on FHG written by guest authors. This week I’m sharing “Indulged” by one of my favorite bloggers, Karen Woodall over at Switchbacks.org. Karen is an excellent writer. To me she’s one of our best guest writers. She’s at her best, to me, at taking personal stories from her own family and relating them to God’s principles. Indulged is published on For His Glory today.

Then on Wednesday, we’re in for a heartwarming story about true, devotedpatty2 love. called Dot and Doyle’s Miracle. It is by far the single best story I have ever published on For His Glory. A dear friend of mine at church recently lost her father. Patty’s  husband, Don, wrote a beautiful story about her dad and mom’s love and their 73-year marriage. That’s right. I said 73 years. If you don’t ever read another post on this blog read Don’s story. It will touch your heart and bless you. And, if you’re anything like me, it will bring tears to your eyes.

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