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Hang in there

I’ve made several attempts to read the Bible through from Genesis to Revelation. I’m not out of the gate before I stumble on Leviticus. All those regulations and procedures bogged me down every time.

However, this week, as I planned my lesson for teaching Sunday school, God revealed a part of Himself to me I had never seen before (Maybe because I’d never read as far as  Chapter 17  before.)

His admonition in this chapter was: don’t drink the blood of animals.

How serious was He?

“Any Israelite or any alien living among them who eats any blood–I will set my face against that person who eats blood and I will cut him off from his people” v.10.

He says why in the next verse. And here’s what awed me.

“For the life of a creature is in the blood. And I have given the blood to you to make atonement for yourselves on the altar; it is the blood that makes atonement for one’s life.” v. 11.

It was the blood of Jesus shed on the cross that covered all my sins. His blood made atonement for my life. And yours. All of us who read God’s word know that from the Gospels. But to read it here in Leviticus made this Old Testament book come alive for me.

God showed me something else as I read in Leviticus. Leviticus and much of the Old Testament points to the coming Messiah. God’s plan always points to something better in the future. If we’ll just hang in there and “wait upon the Lord”

  • “Hang in there, Abraham. I know you’re old, but I’m going to give you an heir and make you the father of many nations.”
  • “Hang in there, Joseph. I’m going to make you rich and powerful and restore your family”
  • “Hang in there, Joshua. You’ve got a ticket to the Promise Land.
  • “Hang in there, Rahab. You’re going to join the family line of the Savior of the world.”
  • “Hang in there, Joseph. You’ll be the earthly father of the Son of God.”
  • “Hang in there, Paul. I’m going to use you to usher millions of people into my family.”

God ALWAYS has something better waiting up ahead for us too. No matter what your situation might be now. God has something good, something better waiting ahead for you. His word reveals His promise of a brighter future. Heaven and Eternity with Him is ahead for us. It’s who He is and it’s how He implements his plan for us.

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