God, Obedience

Help With Obeying

By Dr. John Ed Mathisonjohn ed
Executive Director
John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries

The Old Testament is a record of how God dealt with a group of people whom He blessed richly, but had a tendency to disobey Him. This always led to their getting into trouble. It all started in the Garden of Eden when the perfect plan was laid out for Adam and Eve, but they could not obey.

One of the problems of healthcare today is that people don’t obey their doctor in taking their medicine. This especially occurs with people when they get older. There is now help in this area.

Stephanie Lee from Silicon Valley’s Proteus Digital Health is making a “smart pill” to help people obey their doctor.This “smart pill” wirelessly alerts an app after it has been swallowed. The pill uses digestive sensors made from copper and magnesium that react with stomach acid “to send a tiny electrical signal.” This signal is picked up by a Bandaid-like patch worn on the skin. That patch alerts the Proteus app and sends reminders to the patient and the doctor if a medication dose is missed.

It seems there has always been a long-standing medical problem with knowing whether or not patients actually take their medication. It has been estimated that missed medication causes about 125,000 deaths annually in the United States. This pill can be a big help.

What we need is a “spiritual smart pill” that we take every day which will alert us to the need of obeying what God has commanded for us. We do have an internal conscience which goes off when we fail to obey.

The problem is our conscience can become dulled. Throughout my ministry, I have carried a little cross in my pocket to remind me who I am and Whose I am. Several times during the day, I touch that cross, and it sends shock waves to my mind and my body of what its meaning is. I also carry an Armor of God coin reminding me to wear the spiritual armor God provides. I don’t plan to swallow that little cross or coin, but carrying them in my pocket can be extremely helpful.

These coins and crosses are available through our website. Obeying God should be our first priority. I read of a missionary in Africa who one day saw his young son about 20 feet away. Right above the boy was the limb of a tree with a huge snake poised to strike the boy. The boy didn’t see the snake. His dad quickly commanded, “Hit the ground, Bill.” Immediately, the boy obeyed and hit the ground. He told the boy to crawl to him, and he came to safety. His obeying saved his life.

What if the little boy had responded with, “Why do I need to hit the ground? I’ll get my clothes messed up, or I might get hurt.” He could have asked questions and made excuses – but instead he just obeyed. The Great Physician has the prescription for any ailment we have, but a prescription that is not taken does no good. Paul writes “For it is not merely knowing the law that brings God’s approval. Those who obey the law will be declared right in God’s sight” (Rom 2:13).

Obedience is the key that unlocks the possibilities of what God can do in our lives. It is not a pill to swallow, but it is an invitation for God’s Holy Spirit to guide and direct us. The old Gospel hymn says, “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.”

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