What I believe about myself now

My life changed completely on August 08, 2000. On that day, in a bible study of the book called, The Rest of the Gospel, I learned my true identity in Christ. Since that day I have become an advocate for a broader perspective of Christ followers called the Exchanged Life. Simply stated Exchanged life means I have exchanged my old life, and my old ways of thinking, acting and looking at religion, Christianity and the world for my new life in Christ. I have given Christ permission to live in me, as me and through me, as God created me, to bring glory to God.

Over the years, God has taught me who I am now in Him. These things are true about me now and this is what I believe about myself now:

  • God loves me with an everlasting love that will never change
  • God accepts me exactly as I am.
  • I received everything I needed to be who God wants me to be the moment I accepted Jesus as my Savior
  • Being an authentic follower of Jesus is not a subject I need to learn, it’s a life I want to live
  • I won’t become a “better” follower the longer I’m saved
  • I can’t learn to be a “better” follower by sitting in a classroom or sitting in a worship center or seminar
    • I can grow in grace only as I learn to love God more
  • I serve Him because I love Him, not because I think I need to
  • I am an authentic follower of Jesus
  • I don’t have to do anything to gain God’s approval or acceptance
  • I have an eternal inheritance and will spend eternity with God
  • God only sees me through the blood of Jesus
    • God sees me as holy and righteous
      • Not for what I do or don’t do, but for what Christ did in me and for me
  • My identity does not depend on things I do, but on who I am in Jesus
  • I have been crucified with Christ
  • I am a totally new creation since Jesus came to make his home in me
  • The Holy Spirit teaches me God’s truth and convicts me when I sin
  • The Holy Spirit warns me when I am headed for disobedience before I get there
  • I only have one nature. Jesus and Satan can not both dwell in the same body
  • I still sin, but I know my sins are already forgiven

I can’t begin to explain how much my life has changed since I learned my true identity in Christ.  If you don’t know your true identity in Christ, I’d like to know. I would love to encourage you and spend time sharing with you how blessed I feel and how much God is growing me since I learned my true identity. If you’d like to share, simply leave a comment for me and I’ll get back to you promptly.

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