It’s Friday. But Sunday’s Comin’

I’m standing on shaky ground right now . . .but God is the Rock of my Salvation.
I’ve been out of work for seven months . . .but God is my Jehovah Jireh, my Provider.
My husband ran away with his secretary . . .but God will never forsake me.
My circumstances keep working against me. . .but God is always my Savior.
I keep messing up my life . . .but when I fall, God lifts me up.
I can’t quit smoking . . .but God can heal me.
I can’t beat my drug addiction . . .but God can.
I feel alone and abandoned . . .but God is always with me and loves me.
I’m stuck in my past . . .but God always was, always is, always will be.
I can’t do this . . .but God can do it through me.
I don’t have the strength to do this . . .but when I am weak God is strong.
I have failed time and time again . . .but God will always forgive me.
Our oldest daughter broke our hearts . . .but God will heal us.
My future looks dark. . .but God is the light of my salvation.
The biopsy was positive for cancer . . .but God is my Great Physician.
We must walk away from our home . . .but this world is not my home.
We’ve lost everything . . .but God will provide all we need.
My husband abuses me and I’m afraid . . .but God is my courage.
I can’t do what my boss is asking me to do . . .but I can do all things through Christ.
My problems seem insurmountable . . .but God sustains me.
My burdens weigh me down . . .but His yoke is easy and His burden is light.
I’m ashamed of my past . . .but God says I am holy in His sight.
My whole family has disowned me . . .but God will never forsake me.
I can’t see any way out of this. . .but God can make a way.
My rebellious kids are driving me crazy . . .but God is my peace.
Our marriage is dying . . .but God can rekindle the flame.
I don’t believe God loves me . . .but God so loved the world.
I don’t know what to do . . .but God’s ways are righteous and true.
I can’t be pregnant again . . .but God creates all life for His glory.
I’m wallowing in sin again . . .but God will always welcome me back home.
I seem to worry all the time. . .but God says consider the birds of the air.
I live in sorrow and dread . . .but God is my joy and my peace.
My life is falling apart . . .but God is life and love and our Sovereign Lord every day.

Have a blessed Resurrection Day!

7 thoughts on “It’s Friday. But Sunday’s Comin’

  1. Dear Steve, as I have already commented on this post over at Christian Blessings, I will just add another heartfelt “Thank you” for such a very practical way of connecting the death and Resurrection of Our Lord to our own ups and downs–and the only true source of our permanent “up”!


  2. Steve, I was at an MDRT meeting in Dallas a number of years ago and heard him do this message live and in full glory to God; it was awesome, and I have never forgotten it. Happy Easter!
    David Stinnett


    • Good to hear from you, David. I could not remember the name of the preacher I heard deliver this message. He was a nationally known Black preacher. Do you remember his name?


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