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Do we realize the power in the name of Jesus?

Do  we realize how powerful just saying the name Jesus can be?
Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.

When is the last time you . . . called on His name?    Jesus.   Jesus.   Jesus.

Are you feeling down right now? Are you hurt? Angry? Lonely? Tired?
Call out His name.  Jesus.   Jesus.    Jesus.

Do you need forgiveness? Do you need to forgive someone?
Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.

When we call on His name something special always happens inside of who we are.
Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.

Are you frustrated? Discouraged? Disappointed?
Do you need a break? Do you need hope?
Call out His name.     Jesus.    Jesus.   Jesus.

Are you grieving a loss?
Call Him.   Jesus.    Jesus.    Jesus.

Are you choking on the muck and mire of your life?
Call Him.   Jesus.  Jesus.   Jesus.
Something happens. Things will change.

Are you ready to quit? Move? Drown your troubles? Divorce? End it all?
Call on His name. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.

Are you stressed to the max? Anxious? Afraid?
Call His name.  Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.

Are you in crisis? Don’t know what to do or where to turn?
Call His name. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.

Are you blessed by new life? Are you standing on the mountain top? Did your prodigal come home? Is rehab working? Is the cancer in remission? Are you reconciling a loving relationship? Did God answer your prayers?
Praise Him. Thank Him. Worship Him.
Right Now.  Right where you are.

Call out his name. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.

We’ll be transformed. We’ll never be the same. Just by the matchless power of His name.
Call His name. Now.  Jesus.    Jesus.    Jesus.

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