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Our family’s closs call

My girls escaped serious injury, or worse, by seconds.

Thursday afternoon Marie picked up our two granddaughters from school and headed home. It was a routine trip along our routine route. As she approached an intersection a huge truck turned in front of her. The truck was too high to clear the power lines.

When the truck hit the wires the force of the impact tore the pole from the ground. The pole fell a few feet behind our car and blocked the road to traffic in both directions.  Power lines fell on the back bumper of our car. A second or two sooner and the pole would have crushed our car roof right  where our two granddaughters were sitting.

We’ve probably  all heard (or experienced ourselves) close call stories,  even those when people escape death by seconds or minutes. The first thing I did when Marie came home and told me the story was to pray and thank God my family was safe. The incident also reinforced my faith in angels and God’s covering of grace. Our angels were with us that day. So was God’s amazing grace.  I’m convinced that when we meet Jesus, we’ll learn about countless times (we will know nothing about) when God’s grace covered us with His protection.


6 thoughts on “Our family’s closs call

    1. Thank you, Tanya. Yes! I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have long believed in the presence of angels in my life and the lives of others. And, like you, I believe we’re going to be totally amazed at the work and cover and protection of angels in our lives that we knew nothing about.

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