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Why did you accept Christ as your Savior?

God has to draw us to Himself.

“No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them up at the last day.” John 6:44

We know that. But why did you claim Jesus as your Savior?

Was it your fear of hell?
Was it because your life had been so wretched and sinful that Jesus was yourSavior Jesus last resort?
Was it because you were hoping the Savior would make life more bearable here on earth?
Was it because you wanted to impress somebody? (A guy in college
really did this. He started dating a Christian girl. He thought saying he was a Christian and reading the Bible would impress her.)
Was it because you were an honest seeker?
Was it because when you were young you accepted Christ because you thought it was the thing to do to be cool and  “in”?
Was it because you saw how Christ changed the lives of your friends and you wanted what they had?
Was it because your life felt empty and you had friends who knew Christ and seemed to live  fuller, richer lives and you wanted to feel that same sense of fullness in your life?

I posed the question for this blog post because I don’t know exactly why I answered Jesus’ call to follow Him. I know when it was and where, but I honestly don’t know why with any certainty. I’ll be pondering this question for awhile myself.

Truth be told there are plenty of reasons why we choose to follow Jesus. In his book, Eternity, Joseph Stowell suggests that we were created for heaven. “I was not only built for heaven, but redeemed for heaven as well. I have been impressed afresh,” he said, “with the truth that all of life here on earth is but a preparation for, a pilgrimage toward, and an investment in heaven.”

Do you agree with Stowell? Did you (we all) choose Jesus Christ as our Savior so we could live as His children with Him in eternity?  Is that why we chose to make Him our Savior? I would be very interested in your feedback and your answer to my question.


13 thoughts on “Why did you accept Christ as your Savior?

  1. So over the span of my life, I think I’ve followed Jesus for different reasons. When I was young I followed Him because my parents did and that was the thing to do. I went away from Him for a while, and when I came back it was for my own selfish reasons….so I could be physically healed. In the process, however, I found Him. I found how much He loves me, in spite of all that I’ve done. Now I love Him, and never want to live a life apart from Him. He gives me the “hope,” and my heart’s desire is to now see Him coming in the clouds of glory, where He will take me to live with Him eternally.


  2. This is a thoughtful question. I can’t really say exactly why I gave my life to Christ back then. But I can recall that my curiosity drew me to the place where I eventually took that decision.

    I was young and so impressionable then. But looking back now, 24 years after, I would consider it to be the best decision of my life.


    1. Julie,
      I don’t know about your situation you talked about, but I know how it feels to be falsely accused and then have it come back to bite me months later. I’d be happy to share that story with you, but not in this public forum. My email is stevesaw@gmail.com if you’re interested in hearing. It’s still a thorn in my side and it’s been more than a year since it happened. :>( But, the good news is, God is in control of everything! Amen? :>)

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  3. I would agree with Stowell that we were created for heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:11 says He has put eternity in our hearts. But heaven is not just a place we go to when we die; it’s in Christ, here, now, and ever after. Eternal life isn’t living forever as much as it’s knowing the Father and Christ (Jn.17:3). It’s relational. It’s God’s life in us.

    Only those that the Father draws will come…but, later, Jesus said that when He was lifted up He would draw ALL men to Himself. So, God has thrown the gate wide open with the Cross of Christ. What’s left is for us to accept the invitation. It’s a bit of a paradox. It’s all grace but we still choose to receive it as a free gift. Relationship without free will is not love. God isn’t looking for puppets; He wants sons and daughters who receive His love and love in return. But it all comes from Him (1 Jn.4:19). That’s my take on it, anyway.

    I personally came to Christ because I wanted to know Him the way Maureen (my future wife) knew Him. The threat of hell never entered into the picture for me. Of all the people who ever talked to me about Jesus, she was the first one that talked about Him as if He were an intimate friend. I realized that’s what I was missing. Of course, it helped hearing about this from a beautiful woman. God (Jehovah Sneaky) knows what He’s doing. 🙂

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    1. Great thoughts, Mel. Thank you. I’m thinking of sharing them as their own post in response to my post. Thanks for sharing. Always love to hear from you.

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  4. Very difficult question to answer from a span of 47 years ago. The revelations from the Word, the Holy Spirit, teachers, pastors over those years all reinforce the reason(s) and mingle within them. I have finally decided it has nothing to do with my good intentions, wisdom, or desires–it was all God, all grace, and all His Providence. I am just a sinner saved by His grace. Unable, without Him, to even say “Help Me Please”. Thank you for your thoughts each day. I look forward to them.

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    1. Wonderful thoughts, W James, and as I read them over, maybe my choosing Christ was a combination of events and people as you say. And, yes, I agree. For me it was ALL GOD! And none of me. Thank you for your thought-provoking comments!


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