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The Bible Police

Imagine this: You’re just settling in to watch a movie with the family after dinner.
There’s a knock on the door.
You get up from the couch and go to the door. When you open the door you see tworeading scrupture official looking guys with official looking badges and arm bands. The gruff looking one says, “Good evening, sir. We’re from the U.S. Bible Police. Please go get all your Bibles in the house. I need to see everyone’s cell phones so we can remove any Bible apps on your hones. Gather your phones and put them in this bag and we’ll be on our way.”  The short dumpy one opens us a garbage bag and thrusts it at you.

Sound far fetched? Probably. But who’d a thought two years ago we’d be dealing with  a controversy over who’s going to get to use which bathroom and locker room?

With all our Bible’s confiscated by the U.S. Bible Police, how are we going to depend on God’s word to deal with life?

All we’d have are the verses we’ve hidden in our hearts, committed to memory and meditated on.  Would we have enough verses to deal with trials and failures we face? Would we have the verses we need to deal with pain and sorrow? How about discouragement and abandonment and worry?  Would we have the verses we need to praise God and worship Him?  What would we do if we needed encouragement or comfort? Or needed to encourage or comfort someone else? Would we have enough of God’s word in our hearts to share the gospel with others?

Will it happen? Probably not. But just the thought of it ever happening makes me want to go right now and dig into God’s word deeper and more. To hide as much of God’s word in my heart as my aging memory will allow.

4 thoughts on “The Bible Police

  1. I love the word of God. I wish I could memorize the entire bible but my brain seems too full to contain all of it. I can say I have thought of those mean burly bible police! I have them all over the house and the car. Hmm I would have to find a loose board to stash one within!


  2. Would it not be just as it was in the first few centuries then..all done by word of mouth? and honestly, how would that be a bad thing?


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