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What if atheists and non-believes are right?

Neither non-believers nor atheists believe in God or life after death. They call thelogic Bible a myth and claim that we believers use religion as a crutch.  They believe when we die, we die. Our mortal bodies decompose into worm food.

What if they’re right? What if all the hopes and dreams we’ve had about living forever with God for eternity in heaven are wrong? What if heaven doesn’t exist?

There’s a principle of logic that helps me put this whole discussion in perspective. It’s called the law of non-contradiction. Here’s what it says,

Two contradictory statements can not both be true at the same time and in the same way.

So when we apply that law to our discussion it looks like this:

What they believe:
God doesn’t exist. There is no life after we die. Our bodies decompose in the ground.
What we believe:
God does exist (we know Him experientially); We believe we will live with God in heaven for eternity.

Both statements can not be true at the same time and in the same way.

Either we’re wrong, or the non-believers and atheists are wrong.

Here are two questions germane to thediscussion: ff

  • If we’re wrong, what have we lost? Nothing.
  • But, what if the atheists and non-believers are wrong? What have they lost?

We’ve lived our lives with a living hope and a vision of a wonderful, carefree, glorious everlasting life as children of our Creator God. A belief that has given us hope and strength and the will to love and serve others.

And remember: we both can’t be right. One of our groups will be wrong. Dead wrong.

By the way: You can apply the logic rule of non-contadiction to other discussions as well. For instance I have a close relative who believes there are many different ways to get to heaven.

Jesus proclaimed: “I am the way, the Truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through me.”

Another close friend believes she can lose her salvation.
But, Jesus said, “My sheep (believers) listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.  I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.” Matthew 10:27-28.

11 thoughts on “What if atheists and non-believes are right?

  1. I have a son who says it is a thought that WE have just to make ourselves feel ok about death. He said we were simply organisms. He told me this when he was in Jr high school. I was rather devastated! I was shocked and caught off guard. The next morning I calmly sat him down and asked him a series of questions. I told him to write an essay on it and to address all the answers to the questions. He is now 26 and still doesn’t believe. I pray one day that the Lord will appear to him in a way that only He can.
    For me….I say the same you do, what if I am wrong? No harm done to anyone and gives me a hope. Let me say this, it is a HOPE that I 100% BELIEVE WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL! Nothing can change that! Makes me think of the song by I think Nicole Nordman called “What If”.


    1. Thank you so much for our heartfelt thoughts. This has to be a hard place for you. When our flesh and blood turn a deaf ear to the Truth of God’s promises and hope, it seems so devastating and puzzling. If the Lord has put your son on your heart to pray for his salvation, I have always been told that the Lord will bring him or her around in His time. Keep praying. Keep encouraging. He is in the mighty hand of the God we serve. And from God’s perspective, there’s no better place for him to be.


      1. He is in the military and currently on the west coast. I have cried many tears. Anything I say is too much so I rarely talk to him. I let him call when he wants to talk which is rarely. I do continue to pray and my hope is that one day he might call me and tell me some good news, but if not then I will know my son has been given to the Lord as you said, in God’s time not mine! Whatever it takes! Not long ago my oldest son told me he doesn’t really believe all that anymore either. WHAT? He is also in the military and on the East Coast. He is 32.


      2. My goodness! You sound as if you’re in the right place. And, as you say, he’s in God’s hands. The biggest positive step it sounds as if you took was turning them over the the Father. Will be praying.

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  2. Hello Mr. Sawyer,
    I’ve been browsing your website but have not been able to find what I am looking for.
    Well, I’m looking for a few things. So, I’ll just ask you here.
    Can you tell me the difference between a Catholic and a Christian? I would identify myself as Catholic but I am not sure what the differences are.
    And in the reply to the first question in this post, you said “I want no part of religion (in all forms)”, how does that work?
    Any insight would greatly be appreciated.
    Thank you


    1. Dear Spiritual Gangster,
      I will be more than happy to respond to you and share what God has shown me about your dilemma. I will have some time to do so later in the day. Thank you for writing. It would be easier for me to send my response in an email, if that is acceptable to you.My email address is stevesaw@gmail.com. If not, I’d be happy to respond here. Just let me know. And again, thank you for writing. I look forward to sharing what I know.


  3. May I ask why you refer to people as “we” and “they”? Surely we are all the same, with no division? This is why I have so much difficulty with religion (in all its forms) Religion is supposed to be unconditional love, yet everywhere I look there are conditions, rules, judgement. I would be interested to hear what you have to say on the matter.


    1. Dear Scribble,
      Thank you for your challenging question, concern and comments.
      First: When I refer to “we” and “they” I am contrasting those who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and those who profess to be non-believers or atheists. The two groups are mutually exclusive, so, in my view referring to them as “they” (non-believers) and “we” (those who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ) is an effective way to distinguish them.
      Yes, we are all the same, with no divisions–in God’s eyes. God is love and all He can do is love, “we” and “they” alike. Unfortunately, as fallen humans, we are the ones who create and promote the divisions.

      Second: You are entirely right about religion (in all forms). It is full of conditions, rules, traditions, liturgies, rituals, do’s and don’ts and YES (rampant)JUDGEMENT. It is not at all about unconditional love. In fact, the only love religion displays is conditional love. Religion’s focus is on sin and telling people how to keep from going to hell. Religion can identify our sins, but has little capacity for compassion, forgiveness or redemption. I want no part of religion (in all forms). What I practice is loving God and loving others. I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and it impacts every aspect of my life. The Holy Spirit lives in me and helps me choose the right path to follow. He convicts me when I sin and points me toward the Cross of Christ to remind me of the price Jesus paid for my salvation. Jesus shows me every day ways I can love others. He shows me how to be kind to others and be kind to myself. I understand my true identity in Christ, and live every day to love and serve my Creator God and others. And that has NOTHING whatever to do with religion of any form.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my post. I hope you’ll understand that I agree with you about the woes of religion; and, I hope what I believe about God may give you some food for thought to seek out a personal relationship with Jesus for your life. Thank you again for writing, Scribble. And may God richly bless you.
      P.S. If you’d like to continue discussing this with me or ask me any questions, my email address is stevesaw@gmail.com. I would be honored to chat with you further.

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