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Is Jesus God or not?

I had a conversation recently with an uncle of mine who doesn’t believe Jesus is God. I think that’s a notion he concocted to fit his own personal belief system. He couldn’t have come to it by revelation, since he doesn’t read the Bible.

He also believes there is no life after we die.

I must admit that years ago, if I heard a compelling argument for some alternative concept of Jesus, God or heaven, I became momentarily skeptical.

What ultimately helped me cement my beliefs in God’s Word as the inerrant, infallible trinity w bordersGospel Truth was a principle of logic. It’s called the principle of non-contradiction. What it says is, “two contradictory statements can not both be true at  the same time and in the same way”. I used the same principle in my post last week, “What if atheists and non-believers are right?”

The principle will work in the Bible, biology, physics, theology, ceramics, psychology, plumbing, whatever. The Bible gives us a number of scriptures in which Jesus, or other writers, make the claim that Jesus and the Father (God) are one. John 1:1; 1:14; 8:58; and 10:30 are among the most widely referenced.

The same principle works with those who claim they believe there’s more than one religion, one belief system that provides a way to get to heaven. In John 14:6  Jesus says, “I am THE way,(not one of several ways) THE Truth and THE life; NO ONE comes to the Father (no one believes in God, no one receives the fee gift of eternal life) except through me.

Jesus claimed to be God. Jesus claimed more than once that He and God are One. Either Jesus was telling the truth, or he purposely lied to mislead humanity and was merely a prophet or a wise man.

I asked my uncle that if he’s right and there’s no God and no life after death, what have I lost?

“But,” I said, “what if I’m right and there is a loving God who promises those of us who believe Him and His promise of eternal life. . .what have YOU  lost?”

He did not answer the question. He stopped talking.  I don’t broach the subject with him any more. But he heard my question. And one day he’ll have to answer it.


14 thoughts on “Is Jesus God or not?

  1. thank you for your comments. I totally believe that “all authority” has been given to Jesus. I also believe that he is called “wonderful, counsellor the Mighty God” by virtue of this delegated power. However there are a couple of issues that are worth exploring.
    1. If Jesus were God he cannot die – therefore Christ’s death on the cross is not as significant as I thought because it is not a death as we understand it.
    2. If Jesus were God then he cannot be tempted. God cannot sin otherwise the whole construct of the universe is in jeopardy. The temptation in the wilderness needs to have the propensity for Jesus to sin, to give in to the devil, otherwise that is not a true temptation.

    I also think that God as the Father and Jesus as the bridegroom gives a much more significant and broader relationship with Christians. To be able to fully understand the nature of God is something I am unable to fully comprehend – understandably. But I do think that to say Jesus is God is not as easy as it first seems.


    1. Thank you, Kiwinana. You’re right. It’s easy to get lost when there’s so many Yes, it is thought-provoking.


  2. WOW! What a stimulating post. I even went to far as to delve deeper into the concept of non-contradiction. You’ll get no argument from me on this subject. When I have the rare occasion to speak to someone on the topic of religion, I allow them to spurt out whatever they feel necessary to spurt. We both can agree that “they” believe what they believe, as that’s what’s important to them. As long as they are not contradicted, they feel freer to change their mind at some point. I personally know someone who I would have never believed would have made a shift. Interestingly enough, we still haven’t spoken about it. Since he’s there, I’m happy for him, and would never open another door which might take him back from whence he came. Just a few subjective thoughts after reading your post. Good one!


    1. I have lots of thoughts about religion. I was trapped in it for decades. I have a few interesting posts on religion. I look forward to more stimulating discussion about religion. It provides a great wheelhouse for discussion. I’m looking forward to it. Thanks again for such thoughtful comments. God bless.

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  3. The point that really strikes me about John 14:6, and other verses, is that if Jesus is not God, then we don’t have a relationship with God. In fact, we have no way of knowing Him at all (Matt.11:27; John 1:18). Like C.S. Lewis said, we’re stuck like Hamlet trying to find Shakespeare. We’re not even in the same world! The only connection we have to Love is the fact that there’s a divine human being in that circle of love between the Father, Son and Spirit. But the very good news, is there IS a Human Being in that Circle, and we can know God!

    One more thing is, what Jesus did makes all religion irrelevant and obsolete. No more stairways to heaven to reach up to God. He’s already reached out to us and brought us to Himself. Praise God!

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    1. It came from a Grace Life Conference workbook from a course I took several years ago on Exchanged Life. Glad you liked it.


      1. No, I’m sorry. I can’t say that I have read Henderson’s book. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll try to look that up here soon.


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