God, Identity In Christ

shhhhh…don’t mention “it”.

Shhhh. Don’t talk about “it“. We don’t mention “it” in social settings. We don’t discuss “it” among friends. We don’t tweet about “it“. Few preachers teach on “it“. We don’t see “it” on bumper stickers or billboards. We rarely see “it” on church signs.

The “it” we rarely mention is the blood of Jesus. “It” is as much a part of our story as our salvation or our sanctification or our testimony.  We sing about the blood, we drink a symbolic cup of the blood during communion. We claim we’re washed in the blood (because we hear pastors say it).

But, do we know why the blood of Jesus is important to our story? ­­The Bible teaches us jesus on the crossthat we have been crucified with Christ (Galatians 2:20). Each of us and our Adamic spirits (as well as all our sins—past, present and future) were in Christ on the cross. I believe, as His life ebbed from His body, His blood flowed from His body, and cleansed us from our sins forever, removing them from Christ as His blood washed them away.

As I read His story, the blood flowed out, and our sins went with “it”. That’s why when they pierced His side, nothing­ flowed from the wound but water. The blood was gone, as well as our sins. “It” was finished.

I’m no theologian. I skedaddle from discussions when they head towards theology. You might get a differing explanations of “it” from some biblical scholars much wiser than I. But the blood of Christ, that washed away our sins, also gives us life (His life in us) and (resurrection) power. That’s what the blood of Jesus means to me.

I believe “it” defines who we are in Christ and “it” is the cornerstone of our true identity in Christ.

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