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I broke a 400 mile hiking milestone

I know. I know. I’m boasting. Will you bear with me for a moment? I wanted to share my hiking milestone with you all.

On Memorial Day I topped the 400th mile I’ve walked, jogged or hiked since I began my new life plan July 1, 2015. I want to thank all of you who have been so encouraging and supportive since I started last summer when I tipped the scales at 238 pounds.  I’m shedding six extra pounds that slipped on, but I’m on goal to get back to 185 by next week.

Today I hiked the farthest I’ve hiked–6.3 miles; the longest I’ve hiked –2 hours 07min; and,the best thing, I burned the most calories–815.

I was hoping to top 500 miles this year; but I’ll be happy with whatever my total miles hiked ends up being.

Thanks again for all your support and encouragement along the way.

me at 238 and 185

6 thoughts on “I broke a 400 mile hiking milestone

  1. Wow! Steven that is fantastic! You look great ! The before and after photos are an amazing testimony! I wish I could get my husband to go and just take a walk, forget the hiking for now. Always an excuse, but he can do many other things. Oh well, he has to desire it himself.
    I will say that I am 52 and that is one thing I have never had to worry with…so far anyway. I could exercise more and tone up a little here and there but my daddy was 6’2 and my momma always said that no matter h I was much she fed him he wouldn’t put on a pound. I took after my daddy. By the time I was in the 7th grade I was 5’7 and taller than all my friends and very self conscious of it. By the time I was fully grown I only reached 5’8, and still there. When younger it was all I could do to stay at 110 to 115. Even after my first child I was right back at the same weight. There was a point when I was going through a divorce I was stressed and lost down to 101 to 105! Terrible! Embarrassed to have shorts on because even I thought my legs looked sickly! I began stopping at McDonald’s 3 times a day and shoveling down burgers and fries…2 at a time… (quarter pounders with cheese), just to try and force some pounds on. As the years have passed I think 120 to 128 is where I stay and that isn’t trying. Trust me, I have to eat a big bowl of ice cream every night in bed before falling asleep and I go into panic mode if I forgot to pick up more. Lol. I am thankful weight is one issue I don’t have to worry with. I have enough without it! Thank you daddy for your genes. I think the thing that pushed me on up to 120 was when I quit smoking! Best thing I ever did!

    BUT, you look great! Hard work paid off! So very happy for you and you are an inspiration to many! Good job!

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    1. Dear Looking,
      Thank you so much for your comments and your story. I love to hear others’ testimonies about their struggles and their triumphs. My weight has always ridden a seesaw. I’m down to where life is comfortable for me now. And now I know how to stay there. I just need to remain committed to do all the things that got me here.
      You’re a blessing to me for your candor and transparency. I enjoy our exchanges. Hope your husband gets motivated soon. I know how that is as well. I was there for years until my health poked me and said, “It’s time to do something about this.” Both my kids encouraged me too. They pushed me to do it.

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