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I wish I had said (done) something.

When I published my “I with I hadn’t done that” post several days ago, I got an interesting flip side perspective. . .Amanda, a new blogging friend over at Bloggingmeetup had this to say,

“I actually have the OPPOSITE problem – I often have regret that I DIDN’T say something I should have. To help someone – when I hold my tongue because I think it’s not my business – or to help myself, when it’s time to stand my ground and not allow someone to lie to me or walk on me.”

She got me thinking. I have the same problem at times. As many times as I regret saying or doing something, I probably have the same regrets that I DIDN’T say or do something I wish I had.

This week I someone I knew needed help opened a door big enough for me to drive a Mack truck through and I didn’t say anything.  I nodded and he geared the conversation in another direction.

Driving home I helped Satan beat up on me for being reluctant to share some encouragement and support to my friend. Yes, I called myself a name or two and stewed about it for a few miles. Promising myself, and God, that I’d do better next time.

As Amanda pointed out, my reluctance to share engenders the same, albeit and fortunately brief, self-condemnation and self-loathing when we pass up a chance to do or say something we know would help another person.

I guess in those times I don’t say or do something it’s because I fear their rejection or their rebuke or negative response. I’ve memorized Psalm 27 verses that should give me courage at times like that,

The Lord is my light and my salvation;
Whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the defense of my life;
Whom shall I dread? Psalm 27:1

What do I (we) have to fear when we step out in His boldness and His courage?

Lord, please help me remember this verse the next time when I hear or see someone who could use a positive encouraging word from me. Help me be bold THE NEXT TIME someone opens a door or shares an opportunity for me to share You with them.

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