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I could get a PhD in “STUPID”

If they offered a college course of study for a degree in “Stupid” I’d be an honor student. I’d have a 4.0 average. I’ve got enough hours in “stupid” to graduate magna cum laude. I could teach stupid.

I’ve done so many stupid things in my life, when I think about them all I scare myself.  Does anyone else out there besides me ever think about some things in their past and mummer to yourself, “How stupid could I be?” Or, “What was I thinking?”

Some of the stupid things I did broke a law or two.  Some were downright dangerous. Some stupid things I can attribute to childish, rebellious disobedience.

Fortunately, I can look back on some things I did and realize they really were stupid. I’m sure you can probably do the same.

An amazing thing about grace is that God brought me through all my childish stupidity. I probably won’t know until I get to heaven exactly how many stupid things He rescued me from.

I think about all the horrible situations I’ve landed in, many of my own choosing. God has always seen me through. He has always been by my side. I haven’t escaped His chastening, or the consequences for the stupid, but He always shows me His light at the end of those dark, stupid tunnels.

What if we looked at trials we’re facing now, or trials and persecution we may face in the future, with confidence in His promises. What if we thought about our future with the  faith to believe that He will be there with us, and that His outcome, whatever it means to us, is the best outcome for us? That way I can look towards my future with confident expectation that, regardless of the circumstances, trials or outcomes, God’s best for me will prevail.

That’s a joyful thought on this Monday to start my week.


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