God, Guest Blogger


Editor’s Note: I read Butch Dean’s Wordsmith’s Desk blog regularly. He is one of only three or four fellow bloggers I never miss reading. Butch can pack more wisdom and thought-provoking ideas into fewer words than any writer I know. Here is a sample. Butch published Child-Like on his blog Tuesday. See if you don’t agree with me.

It is easier for a child to believe than it is for an adult. Butch DeanChildren are more accepting of what they cannot understand. Adults question and try to reason that which appears without explanation. Perhaps, that is why Jesus spoke of a child-like faith and becoming like little children. Perhaps, we should approach the heavenly Father, not as the adults we believe we are, but, rather, as the small children we need to be.

Butch blogs at Wordsmith’s Desk. Visit his blog. I know you’ll be blessed. He continues to bless me in every post he writes.

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