Eat To Live, God

My “No-calories-left-behind” Nashville weekend

Editor’s Note: This post has absolutely no redeeming spiritual value. It’s just for fun.

If you look up the word “pig out” in the dictionary today you’ll see a photo of me and my son Quentin.

Quentin is moving from Nashville to Orlando Friday. I wanted to spend one more weekend with him in Nashville (a 4-hour drive) before he moved to Florida (a 7 or 8 hour drive) He was having a nostalgia week visiting some of his favorite haunts one last time before leaving Nashville, where he’d been living for four years.

From the time I arrived (Friday afternoon) until I left (late Sunday) we set three local records for calorie consumption (no calories left behind). Besides its reputation for music Nashville ranks towards the top of the list of cities with amazing food. We chewed our way through some of the planet’s finest hotdogs, crepes, home style breakfasts, international gourmet coffees, pancakes, fried chicken and gourmet ice creams.

Despite all the gorging, we struck a healthy balance between gluttony and good health. Saturday we walked 19,238 steps, burned 2,210 calories (active and inactive), and walked 6.2 miles.

new weenie photos

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