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Comments from “Can someone explain this to me?” post

Now and again I like to share some of the comments I receive from my posts. My post asking for help understanding a tweet from an atheist Twitter page sparked some good ones.  Here is a sampling:


I think this person is trying to say that religion is a ghost of our particular imaginations, which the writer is trying to imagine him or herself as an intellectual! But atheism is just as much a spectre, in this regard, as belief in God. Both require faith.

hum, I know about spectre from “Get Smart” that late 60’s tv show…think they are trying to say ghost….maybe they thought if they just strung a lot of “intelligent sounding words” together the statement would make sense.

I don’t devalue their thoughts and beliefs. I respect them as legitimate children of God, regardless of their beliefs. They are entitled to believe or not believe whatever they choose. I will still show them the love of Christ at every turn. God gave them the gift of free will just like He gave us ours. If they want to exercise that gift to deny the existence of God, they have every right to do so. This is so important. I teach my children that light shines in a dark room. It doesn’t hit anyone over the head. God is infinitely more patient with people than we can imagine. We simply need to shine…

A “spectre” is the British spelling for the word “specter”, which refers to an apparition. So this writer was only indicating that religion is just another “apparition” that people create in their minds in their efforts to explain what they see and experience without being willing to admit that it might be caused by the one and only true God, the creator of everything. Our God of faith, like that of Abraham and Peter and Paul, is the only God who really does anything and who has any power to reveal himself. All the gods of our various religions have no powers to do anything, not even to reveal themselves. They are only “apparitions”, and atheism is just another “apparition” that even denies the existence of any gods. Religions are not logical. I hope that this brief comment helps.

If you’d like to read the post that sparked these comments, “Can someone explain this to me?” click here.

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