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Poke-Mon NO!

I’m seeing news reports about the return ofpokemon Poke-Mon (POK/EE/MON) called Poke-Mon Go. It is apparently a retooling of the original Nintendo game, Poke-mon, designed as an app for smartphones.

I say,”Poke-Mon–NO!”

From what I’ve read those who download the app can navigate through a maze of playing scenario¬† screens and move these electronic, graphic midgets about and through different playing levels. Or, they can hack other users app screens and taunt them with the little nerds.

We do not need one more dangerous, childish interruption as we travel from point A to point B, or try to drive, walk or work without distractions. Our kids DO NOT need yet another mindless, electronic game toy to further separate their world from the real one.

5 thoughts on “Poke-Mon NO!

  1. There is part of me that tends to agree with you on this; however, I must disagree. Recently, I have had to accept the fact that we live in 2016, and things are much different than they were in 1976, 1986, 1996, and even 2006. We are not moving backward. We are moving forward. This goes along with the old “we lived without cell phones and nobody died from it” statement. Yes, we did live without cell phones. I am 45 years old-I certainly remember a time with no cell phones. The truth of the matter is that we do not have to live without cell phones anymore. In fact, we do not live without cell phones anymore. Pokemon Go is just a sign of the times. Gone are the days of just riding bicycles and playing make believe–it’s sad, but true. While our kids may not “need” another game like Pokemon Go, it’s here, and it’s wildly popular. It is getting people up off of their couches and moving….to me, there is at least some redemption in that.


  2. I am reminded of a french television commercial. there were no words until the very end of it. One man and one woman were both walking towards each other, staring down at their phones. An alternate universe appears when these same people are walking again yet this time they look up, fall in love, get married have kids, age gracefully and die in each others arms at an advanced age. the end is “what did you miss today while you weren’t looking?” These apps remind me of this every day. NO ONE engages with other humans anymore. our kids are growing up with no ability to share meaningful discussions, no ability to write or speak properly. If i had my way (if I were queen of the universe) I would make phones JUST able to make text, no games, just speaking on the phone calls. And they would only be capable of working during certain times of the day. Are you in school? no phone usage then. Have homework? no phones working for you. Is it an emergency? okay, there’ll be an emergency over ride.but ONLY to call a parent or an emergency services person.

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  3. if you havent actually played it then you would say no…it actually brings people together and gets them out of their houses…all local churches are places to get things you need to play the game…play before saying no


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