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Detaching to detox

Sometimes I’ve been known to stick around too long to see a challenge through. I’ve been diagnosed as a Type A-Plus Personality on Steroids. When something breaks down I want to fix it. Right then and there. I have two college degrees and I read lots of books and watch National Geographic and Jeopardy on TV. I’ve got the stuff it takes to solve problems quickly and efficiently with no common side effects or lingering disappointment.

At least, that’s what I tell myself.

When I respond with such self confidence and  ego-maniacal notions that I’m going to bring peace and resolution to a situation, the situation usually crumbles around me, leaving me AND the situation shredded. No resolution. And often worse than before.

But God is showing me the path to detox. Separating myself from the chaos or the turmoil for a time.  Usually a day or two. When I’ve had an opportunity to pray, or maybe discuss my quagmire with a trusted accountability partner, I can return with a fresh set of eyes, cleaned out ears, and a new approach to the mess. And I must admit that, more times than not, if the quagmire involves a difference between my approach to resolution and Marie’s resolution,  Marie’s wins out. After I’ve talked with God about it, and/or one of my accountability partners, I have to admit a lot that she was right.

But it takes that detachment, that talk with God or accountability partner to help me discern God’s purpose and His will in the situation.  I have to get away; and God helps me detox.

Jesus detached Himself a lot, when He knew what was about to happen, and when He needed to hear from God.

Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.  Luke 5:16.

Detachment is good for me.  Detachment from the family or the dilemma or the decision helps me realize God’s perspective and His will for me in the situation.  Detachment helps me clear my head of all my toxic stubbornness and self will. Detachment is one of my healthy habits that helps me discover and follow God’s will in my life.


One thought on “Detaching to detox

  1. Oh how I needed to read this. Wow! Thank you Steven for this truthful word. It’s definitely speaking to me and many of us if we think about it. Pulling away is a must so that we can get a fresh perspective on what’s going on instead of in our feelings and what we perceive to be right in our own eyes. God bless you dear friend -Terra


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